New Build Development & Joint Venture

New Build Development & Joint Venture

With an increasing number of people now disillusioned with pensions many are investing in property. Independent Financial Advisors can tailor your investment to each individual development, which is asset based and guaranteed by a first charge.


With your investment and profits paid out first on an agreed percentage return it will be clear that the return is considerably higher than standard investments on the market today with a limited risk.


We work very closely with a panel of investors through their allocated agents ensuring the right project is selected for the right client. We have the procedures and professionals in place to ensure the smoothest of service is provided to all parties involved.

All opportunities are considered from new build developments through to refurbishment and extension projects.


From our very first projects we have always ensured that delivery is the primary objective, and as such we are able to produce the design, oversee the installation team, and manage the contracts and budgets, bringing our market expertise to the project.


We welcome individual investment and partnering and if you feel this may be for you, then please do not hesitate to contact us.