Damage Mitigation

Damage Mitigation

  • Bourne Valley Construction Services  are specialists in damage management and disaster recovery.
  • We mitigate loss when fire or flooding strikes, making it possible for insurers and loss adjustors to reduce the cost, time and complexity of dealing with claims.
  • We undertake a multitude of projects in the domestic and commercial insurance markets.
  • Our technicians are trained to the highest standards and are able to undertake all types of restoration using the latest techniques and processes.
  • We are totally committed and dedicated to service. We have a clear ambition to deliver an unrivaled level of service to our clients.
  • Using the latest technology and continuing education and training at all levels of employment to ensure the competency of our staff.
  • Bourne Valley Construction is a specialist company offering a range of services that make us the ‘one stop service provider’ for all insurance related works.
  • We are specialists in smoke removal and cleaning, odour control, structural drying and document recovery.

We understand that speed of response is key

Increasingly “secondary damage” is forming a larger part of a claim due to time delays and deterioration caused by the impact of the event; even more so in high value properties with high value furnishings and fittings.
Our dedicated team  ensure that we can clean and restore the most important and valuable items including fine arts and antiques to the highest standards.
Every minute that goes by after a fire or flood can increase the damage sustained. That’s why we offer a 24 hour rapid response service.

We know that working with multiple companies can be time-consuming, but with our complete ability to manage on site from start to finish, we can provide a smooth and transparent solution to any type or value of claim.

Many different types of damage are caused following a fire or flood. Few companies have the expertise or experience to deal with them all. We do. We have a proven track record in offering fast, efficient solutions in all aspects of damage mitigation and we ensure continuity throughout the entire claim process.

Comprehensive surge procedure
We have a detailed and effective surge procedure in place to accommodate claims anywhere within the UK (excluding NI). We are able to respond quickly and effectively allocating resources wherever required. We will however never compromise quality over quantity and ensure all claims are managed effectively and efficiently.


Outstanding customer care

When we are dealing with any Client, nothing is more important to us than customer care.

Up-front fees – We are up-front and clear when it comes to providing costs, giving you a complete breakdown of each stage of works.
Service delivery – We have strict operating procedures incorporating robust service level agreements which are continually monitored.

Communication – We update our clients weekly providing comprehensive reports to help monitor works in progress.

Transparency – We keep all clients up to date with all stages of the work. Everything we do is agreed in advance and carefully logged and recorded. We operate an “Open Door Policy” to all our clients, with any information being requested delivered promptly.

Feedback – We ask each policyholder to fill out a feedback form. These are reviewed every single month and the information recorded and passed to clients – we are always searching for ways to provide an even higher standard of service and will actively encompass any suggestions or methods to improve service delivery.