Bourne valley Construction Services Ltd are committed to developing and maintaining a high standard of Eco friendly systems and procedures. We are working towards ISO standards with the full intention of becoming ISO accredited.


We operate a system of material recycling and work with our suppliers to actively reduce our footprint. We understand that our building activities have an impact on the environment arising from our consumption of raw materials, energy and water and from our generation of waste and emissions to land, the air and water.

In order to minimise our environmental impact we are committed to:

  • Comply with relevant environmental legislation and regulations
  • Carryout continual improvement in our environmental performance to minimise the risks of pollution arising on our sites
  • Promote this policy throughout the Company and ensure that all staff receive environmental training appropriate to their role and responsibilities
  • Undertake efficient use of natural resources by reducing waste and conserving energy and water
  • Keep transport use to a minimum and regularly service our vehicles to maintain their efficiency
  • Review our Policy annually to take into account of changes in our organisation, legislation or other internal or external factors

We utilise a qualified Chartered Environmentalist (CENV) who is a specialist in sustainability in building and historic building construction/maintenance who reduces  our wastage within the construction industry.